Easter treats without the guilt!

We’ve all been there – Easter, Christmas, Halloween… There are treats everywhere! But we’re watching our weight right? So we shouldn’t right? But temptation is everywhere! Bang goes the diet!

So I had a think! These tasty little treats come in at just 42kcal and 1.5g of fat each (based on making 6) but I could easily have made 12 smaller ones as I’ve been cutting these in half to eat them (my sensitive teeth can’t handle biting I to a whole one!)


So I bet you’d love to know how to make my Creamy Iced Easter Heart Treats? Well here is what you will need….

Silicone mould/ice cube tray (I used hearts but you can use anything silicone is best to pop them out nice and quickly)


1 pot weight watchers fat-free vanilla yogurt (these come in a 4pk with toffee ones which are a tasty treat in themselves at only 50kcal each!) any other brand will affect the calorie content.
20g malteasers
20g mini eggs
2 sandwich bags

Pour the yogurt into a bowl and whisk it up (I used a hand blender but you can use an electric or hand held whisk) thus thins it rather than whips it so don’t be suprised when it looks like milkshake!

Pop your malteasers into one bag and mini eggs into another. Twist the end of the bags to avoid spillages then bash with a rolling pin or other heavy instrument to crush. Don’t use a blender as you still want some texture not powder!


Pour these into the yogurt then mix well. Pour into moulds and freeze at least until frozen solid and until you are ready to eat them! It’s really that easy.


The entire recipe content is as follows:
254kcal 9.3g fat 6.1g saturates 30.7h sugar. To work out how much per serving simply decide these figures by the amount you have made – for example mine made 6 so each has 42kcal, 1.5g fat 1g sat and 5.1g sugar

Yes they are a little high in sugar but they are still low in both calories and fat. Do try them and let me know what you think.


I welcome all comments here I love to know your opinions. You can also join my weightloss group on Facebook – we are currently only a small group supporting each other in trying to lose a few pounds 🙂



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