Sensory fun!

I was browsing through my fb timeline (as most of us do!) and came across this link

Nurturestore is a brilliant resource for all things play! I have been meaning to try sensory play for a while and I thought this valentines themed sensory tray looked like a fab idea!

So I did some research and this is what I came up with


First I took around 500g uncooked rice and put it into a sandwich bag. I didn’t have any food colouring but I did have some mineral pigment from lipgloss making (a post for another day!) so in a bowl I mixed around half a teaspoon of pigment with a few tablespoons of water (I didn’t measure). I then poured this into the bag with the rice and shook it all around – rubbing from the outside of the bag just to make sure it was all coated. I added some glitter as well then poured it into a tub to dry.

Now what to put in… Well I found a measuring cup and a spoon, a heart shaped cutter and a silicone cake mould. I had some scraps of material so I cut out some hearts and flowers (I had some carpet like material, felt, cotton, leather and polyester) and made a little heart cushion using some of the felt. To finish I added an organza bag and a mini heart soap (for fragrance and texture!)

As you can see he is enjoying himself! And my 8 year old even had a go and said it was “quite fun!” (but I’m not supposed to tell you that!)


So give it a go and do comment to let me know how you got on, how you varied it or anything else – we love comments here but don’t get many that aren’t spam lol.

Ps I don’t think hubby is going to be too happy with all the rice on the floor!


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