Well that wasn’t the plan…..

OK so yesterday I posted about cakes for Mr K’s birthday

Mentioned home made buttercream didn’t I? Well I went for standard rather than white chocolate but it didn’t matter. Because, after loading it into my piping machine gun thingy (LOL) it turned out to be soooo thick that it kept taking the nozzle off and seeping out the sides!

Cut to me rushing to morrisons for some premade (I know naughty me but I was running out of time!)

As if things couldn’t get any worse I was so tired by the time I had iced them I just threw a load of sprinkles on top. They now look like my toddler did it!


They do however taste amazing!

And, I found cake boxes – altho they are a bit girly – despite trapsing round every single shop in town including the market (and purposefully avoiding the over priced hobbycraft that is right outside town!) I finally found some in Poundworld. Not land or stretcher. But the last shop I tried! Success in the end!


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