The chocolatiest fairy cakes ever!

So, Mr K’s birthday party is this weekend! I cheated a bit with his birthday cake and used a packet mix (shame on me!) to make a tray bake and ordered a cake topper.

But then I did the party bags…. There is just no room to add a slice of cake! I also realised, being on alloted time, there just won’t be enough time to chop it up at the party (they have just 30 minutes to eat, blow out candles and get ready to go!). So I thought ooh I’ll make fairy cakes then they can just take one as they leave…..

So feeling smug I went to the fridge…. No eggs. So I went to Google… Egg free chocolate sponge cake….

I found this recipe

I thought I’d give it a go but I made a few adjustments. Once they were done I could not resist and when my boys came in they were just as impressed as I was! Even my 2 year old who never eats cake (only the icing) ate a whole one! They were just the chocolatiest, meltiest, yummiest, most moreish rich gooey cakes I have ever experienced.

So here’s the recipe with my adjustments.

170g butter or margarine (I used Stork for Cakes)
110g caster sugar
2tbsp golden syrup (tip – grease your measuring spoon with oil first so it just slides off)
250ml milk
1 and 1/2tbsp vanilla bean extract*
100g plain chocolate chopped (I used an unopened packet and bashed with a rolling pin)*
170g self raising flour *
70g cocoa powder*

*differs from original recipe – original calls for optional 2 drops vanilla extract, does not contain chocolate, uses plain flour plus 1tsp each baking powder and bicarb and only 55g cocoa powder.

Add the butter, milk, vanilla, caster sugar and golden syrup to a pan. Put over a low heat and stir until melted. Turn off the heat, and the chocolate and stir until melted.

Pour into a bowl then add the flour and cocoa powder and mix with an electric whisk for 1-2mins (or by hand for a bit longer.

Pour into cases. I used fairy cake cases (slightly smaller than cupcake size) and managed to make 22 but could have made 24 easily if I hadn’t over filled. I baked at 180* (fan) for 15 minutes. Obviously for bigger cases a longer time will be needed. Just check with a skewer. Cakes should still feel delicate (due to the melted chocolate – they will firm up as they cool) but the skewer should come our clean. Don’t over bake or they will be dry.

Good luck – I will post my white chocolate buttercream recipe tomorrow 🙂 x


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