How to look after your bath toys

If your kids are anything like mine they love a good bath toy to play around with in the bubbles!

Most of us pay a lot of attention to making sure our toilets are scrubbed, sinks sparkling, no mould or soap scum in sight on our tiles, grout and mirrors. Some if us even have fancy air freshness and pretty soaps (available from Soapy Cauldron Gloucester 😉 ) to smarten it up. But the one thing that gets overlooked? Those bath toys loved by our children. Mostly left to go mouldy and stinky full of putrid bath water (which is then squirted at you by your toddler while you’re sat on the loo!)

Some of us love fancy soaps to smarten up our bathrooms!

“You mean you are meant to clean bath toys? I thought that was what baths were for!” I hear you cry! Well it’s actually quite quick and simple. Just follow these general rules and tour children’s beloved bath toys will keep for ages!

One of my fancy soaps!

1. Once children are removed from the bath, dry and clothed and the bath water has drained remove all toys and place in the sink. Don’t forget any that may be stuck to the side of the bath!

2. Make sure all old bath water is squeezed from inside any ducks, squirter etc. Then wipe all toys over with a damp cloth to remove any dirt. Don’t forget to wipe both sides of any suction cups. Fabric toys, flannel and sponges can usually be washed in a washing machine. Most can be tumble dried or dried on a radiator.

3. For more stubborn dirt or mould try some dettol spray – or if you prefer something more natural try white vinegar or lemon juice on a cloth or sponge (I prefer a sponge if it’s quite stuck on).

4. Rinse in hot water. Make sure to squeeze all toys that may have filled with water again to ensure they are completely empty as even a small amount of water can cause mould to grow on the inside (ever wondered why that old yellow duck turned green? That would be the black mould on the inside!)


5. Wipe dry with a soft cloth or towel clans store in a dry place such as a box, basket or hamper. I like these net bags as the air can still get to them allowing the inside of the squirters to properly dry out and also because I can hang it on the back of the door out of the way.


So there you go. It’s that easy. Takes me around 10 mins after every bath (the toys above are only a small selection!) and my kids are happy!

Don’t forget if you see anything in my pictures you like most of the items such as soaps (and the duckies above) are available to purchase from me at Soapy Cauldron Gloucester where you can also find lots of other bath time fun for sensitive skin at fabulous prices!

Good luck with your cleaning. Here’s to lots of bath time fun! Char xxx


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