Quick and tasty Spag Bol

Today I felt like I wanted something quick and easy. After a rummage through the freezer I decided to make spaghetti bolegnese – my way that is (or perhaps the lazy way!).


So for my Spag Bol you will need:

Half a bag of vegetarian mince (I used morrisons totalling at 75p for half a bag) ADAPTION beef, pork or lamb mince (change your first step to browning and draining the meat).

Half a packet of spaghetti (I used Aldi averaging at 14p as I think it was 27p a packet)

1-2 handfuls frozen diced onions (to your taste. Estimating cost at around 15p as hardly dented the £1 bag from Morrisons)

1-2 handfuls frozen peas (again estimating at 15-20p as barely dented the £1 bag from Aldi)

1 grated carrot (washed, ends chopped off and grated with peel to save time! 5p)

1 tin tomatoes (I used a carton from B&M they were 2 for 50p which us cheaper than tinned!)

1 heaped top frozen/fresh basil (I buy ready chopped and frozen from morrisons for £1 and it lasts ages! So I will say 20p to include all seasoning used in recipe)

1/4tsp dried oregano (store cupboard essential! Included in above cost)

Salt and pepper to taste (cost included above)

1 stock cube of your choice (I only ever use oxo I like the crumbliness but any flavour will do. 10p)

1tsp sugar of your choice

1/2 tsp garlic puree

1 tbsp tomato puree

So really quick and simple. Pop the spaghetti in a pan and cook as per instructions.


Pour tomatoes into seperate pan. Blend with hand blender if you have a fussy boy like mine that won’t eat tomatoes! Add all ingredients except for peas. Add a little water and simmer until mince is no longer frozen. Add peas and cook for a further 5 mins. And serve! It’s that simple!


Serve alone sprinkled with cheese (half a bag aldi low fat grated works out 75p). Serve with garlic bread (morrisons savers 40p) or salad (lettuce cucumber and tomatoes £1.50 morrisons).


Please do let me know what you think 🙂


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