Killer Kieran

my son has started a blog forces stories! Please take a look at


This story is called Killer Kieran and is all about what I would be if I was a super hero.


Hello, my name is Killer Kieran.  Sometimes I secretly turn into a super hero!

Hey, want to know my super hero powers? Well, anyway they are fly like a bird, shape shift, shoot lightning, freeze power, shoot lasers out of my eyes and shoot fire out of my hands.


Now, do you want to know my rescues?

One hot summers day I was jogging to football. When I was jogging to football I heard a horrible scream!
When my daddy wasn’t looking I went to my football bag and got my super hero costume out.  I told my daddy I needed the toilet. Then I went into the woods (but I did not need the toilet I only got changed).

After that I flew for my first rescue.  I saw…

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