Gingerbread house bath bomb with creamy bubble melt roof

Well, it’s not far away and all crafter’s will know that when it comes to home made Christmas gifts you need to start early to be prepared! I have spent the last month researching bubble melts (I have been making bath bombs for years) and I saw someone had made gingerbread bubble melts. I then saw bath bomb cupcakes with creamy bath butter frosting and thought ooooh I wonder… So although this idea has come from the research the recipes are my own.

What you will need.
For the gingerbread bath bomb base


2 tablespoons bicarbonate of soda
1 tablespoon citric acid (I get mine on eBay but you can also get it from soapmaking supplies)
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
1 large pinch of edible glitter (available in the bakery aisle – I used gold) (optional but looks good)
Few drops each of yellow and red colouring mixed to make orange (or you can just use orange! I used Dr oetker gel colours which I added to my dry ingredients but if you use liquid add it with the water)
Few drops ginger essential oil (not fragrance oil for burners as this is not suitable. I buy all my oils from FreshSkin on eBay as I know they are safe to use in my products)
Metal spoon
Glass or ceramic bowl
Spray bottle filled with water.
Square cupcake cases (I found these in Morrison’s in a pack of 6)

In the bowl mix the bicarb and the citric acid together ensuring there are no lumps.
Add the glitter and ground ginger and mix again.
Add the oil and colouring and mix using a rubbing and folding motion with the spoon.
Working quickly, add a few sprays of water at a time and mix as above. Keep adding until you get a texture that you can squeeze into a shape in your hands (a bit like really dry playdough) being careful not to let the mixture fizz. Pour into the paper case  and press down firmly with the spoon. Leave to set in an airtight container for a few hours. The mixture should be rock hard before you put the roof on (this could take a few days). Store in an airtight container in a cool dry place.


For the bubble bath frosting roof
3 tablespoons luxury foaming bath butter ( I got mine here )
1 teaspoon glycerine
1 teaspoon egg white powder (I managed to find this at tesco)
5 drops essential oil (I used sweet lemon this time but would recommend vanilla)
Large pinch edible glitter (optional – I used silver)
Sugar strands and cinnamon stick to decorate.
Large bowl
Electric whisk


Add all the ingredients to the bowl (except the decorations) and whip up with the electric whisk.


Scoop on to the top of your bath bomb base then shape into a roof shape using a spatula.



Sprinkle on the sprinkles. Break the cinnamon stick into a small piece (I used my *world’s sharpest knife* to saw a bit off) and stick in as a chimney. Leave in an airtight container for a few days for the topping to harden.


I drew doors and windows on to the case but I decided to take the case off and I felt it looked nicer without it!


I know it looks good enough to eat but I wouldn’t recommend it! I have some volunteers waiting to test this so I am going to saw it into 3 and enjoy the fun!

So there you go it is that easy! To make more just multiply the recipe. Let me know how you get on I would love to hear your comments and see your attempts.  Please remember that although all the ingredients in this recipe are safe it has not been lab tested and must not be sold. Thanks 🙂

UPDATE so the kids tried it out and they loved it!


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