Weaning! Orange Fun!

I cant believe it but Leonardo is nearly 6 months old! Which means weaning fun has started!


Now as some of you will be aware my eldest is a very fussy eater! I blame my laziness and dependance on tinned baby food!

Well not this time!!!

Making your own baby food is so easy! So I will be adding my recipes as I go along! Best investment – Asda Smartprice Hand Blender it cost less than £5 and is very easy to clean and store!

So I started just making simple vegetable purees – carrot, parsnip and sweet potato individually. Then I did a few portions of these mixed and also a few portions of brocolli and cauliflower. So far so good!!!


Tomorrow I will be making him portions of roast beef dinner and next week vegetable cassarole. Heinz has a range of babysafe low sodium products in their babyfood range such as gravy, stock cubes and pasta. You can also buy gluten and wheat free flour such as rice flour, dairy free cheese and a whole range of things to make making your own baby food easier – especially if like me you are weaning before 6 months as certain products such as dairy are unsuitable for babies younger than this!

So I will be sharing my recipes soon. And if you have any please feel free to share.

I am also looking at adapting meals so they are suitable for everyone – adding extra flavour once baby’s portion has been taken so everyone is happy.


Suggestions welcome 🙂


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