Melting Snowman Fridge Cakes!

Ok so I started this in November and never finished it! A bit late but perfect for next year!!!

Whilst visiting an elderly relative an image on her tv screen caught my eye. Once home I searched online for the recipe but I couldnt find it anywhere! Luckily the show was on iplayer so I decided to watch and write it up myself with my own tweaks for you to try. Its very unhealthy but it is christmas! Both my husband and my son said these are the best cakes they have ever tasted!!!


Melting snowman cake recipe

For the cakes
220g stork (the block kind)
100g dark chocolate chips
180g golden caster sugar
4tbsp golden syrup
2tbsp drinking chocolate
4 squares plain chocolate
300g low fat digestives
Roughly 300g sweets – I used 2 full size crunchies, 2 full size cadburys caramel bars, 4 treatsized flakes, 2 treatsized bags malteasers, 2 milky way bars and a handful of mini marshmallows

For the topping
600g white ready to roll icing
Black and red writing/designer icing tubes
1 bag mini smarties (the 25p ones)
1 pack strawberry fizzy laces, fizzy belts etc.
Icing sugar


You will also need:
Mixing bowl
Rolling pin
Zippy bag
12 hole cake tin
Fairy cake cases
Chopping board
Sharp knife
Round cutter
Small cup/bowl
Spoons for mixing


Line your cake tin with cases.

Put the stork, sugar, chocolate powder, golden syrup and squares of plain chocolate into the saucepan and melt over a low heat stiring regularly. Once melted and combined remove from heat.

Crush the digestives by popping into a zippy bag and bashing with a rolling pin. Pour into the mixing bowl and stir in the chocolate mixture. Leave to cool slightly then fold in the rest of the cake ingredients. Spoon into cake cases, flatten and leave to cool in the fridge.

Meanwhile roll small balls out of icing to make heads for the snowmen. Roll out the rest of the icing and cut into cake size circles.

Remove the cakes from the fridge. Make a paste using icing sugar and water. Press a flat circle over the top of each cake pressing gently round the edges. Then attach a head to each using the paste. You can then decorate using sweets and icing.

Once iced do not put back in the fridge.

Enjoy – we did x


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